Interior Painting Process in Lancaster, Pa

At Detailed Painting Services, our experienced painters will create a correct work process to deliver you a great-quality painting service.

Interior painting process is the most important part of the paint project. To accomplish a great quality painting process, residential house painters should have knowledge about the process. You do not want to hire any interior painting contractor out there that does not know what they are doing.

At Detailed Painting Services, we offer the best-possible interior painting service! Our interior painting process takes 2 professional phases to complete an interior painting project. These 2 categories are paint and inspect phases.

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1st Phase: Painting

  1. Preparation (sand-off the walls, putty holes, dust-off the trims and walls, caulk, cover)
  2. Primer (scan walls and trim and mark spots that require primer, sand-off the area that needs primer, paint with primer)
  3. Trims (paint doors, door frames, windows, baseboard, etc.)
  4. Ceiling (depending on how big project is, either cut and roll, or spray)
  5. Walls (tape off the trims to keep them nice and clean, paint the walls depending on project, might spray)
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2nd Phase: Clean-up & Inspect

  1. Take off covers (remove all the covers from the door handles, light switches, door frames, etc.)
  2. Install the appliances (such as light switch colors, door hinges, etc.)
  3. Touch-up (paint the areas that are required, finalize the interior painting process)
  4. Sweep & vacuum the floors (there will be dust no matter how much you cover)
  5. Inspect (walk through with the homeowner to inspect the project, paint the spots that the homeowner did not like)
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Dependable Painting Contractors

We know how it feels to hire a painting contractor that is not responsive and reliable! We do not want you to hire any painters that will only stress you out from beginning till the end of the project! At Detailed Painting Services, our crew will always show up on time!

We only work with the motivated painters who has been in the painting field over 5 years and love what they are doing. Our experienced painters are proud of serving their skills to accomplish a great-done project! Our goal is to deliver an excellent paint project to you on estimated time.

Choose Detailed Painting Services for a reliable painting crew that will always make sure you are happy with the project!

hire professional painters to your painting project

At Detail Painting Services our painters are skilled and know what they are doing! We are not just painting and leaving, we also make sure that our customers happy at the end of the project and also happy. Hire professional painters to your project by choosing Detailed Painting Sevices.

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