Exterior painting process

You can’t expect the outside of your home to stay in top condition without regular maintenance like painting. Paint fades with time and weather exposure, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore! Our painters are well equipped with all the tools needed for professional quality work at affordable prices.

If you’re looking for professional exterior painters who knows how important it is to take care of this part of your home, then we’re here for you! We’ll make sure that everything gets done properly and quickly so you can enjoy your lovely home.

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First Phase of Exterior Painting


We’ll apply painter’s putty to cracks and gaps with a spackle knife. Once it has dried, sand it softly with sandpaper until the surface is matte smooth once more!

Scrape Off

The old paint will be peeled off the walls using a scraper or sandpaper, while drop cloths protect everything below.


We will use an exterior caulk and a caulk gun to cover any cracks between the building and the trim around doors and windows.

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exterior painting services in lancaster pa
exterior painters in lancaster pa

Second Phase of Exterior Painting


To avoid potential paint bleeding, we will inspect the exterior walls and trims for any stains or noticeable wood knots. Using a paintbrush, apply one coat of stain blocking primer to the affected areas.


To avoid overspray, we’ll use painter’s plastic and painter’s tape to cover doors, windows, lighting, and outdoor fixtures.

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Final Phase of Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

We’ll use a paint sprayer or a painter brush and roller to apply the paint to the walls and trims. In most cases, we like to paint using a painter’s brush and roller. To guarantee that the previous color is covered, the exterior painting process typically requires two coats of semi-gloss exterior paint.

Clean Up

Once we’re done with our exterior painting process, we’ll make sure everything is cleaned up and the place looks like there was no painters at all.

Customer Satisfaction

We will first inspect the final appearance of our exterior painting and stroll alongside our client to ensure that they are pleased with what they see. If our customers don’t like anything, we’ll repaint it and make sure we did a good job!

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Dependable Painting Contractors

We understand how frustrating it is to employ a painting contractor that is unresponsive and untrustworthy! We don’t want you to recruit painters who will only cause you frustration from start to finish! Our team at Detailed Painting Services will still arrive on time and strive to keep you satisfied!

We only hire qualified exterior painters who have been in the painting industry for at least 5 years and enjoy what they do. Our professional painters take pride in contributing their talents to a job well finished! Our mission is to provide you with a high-quality painting project that will last for a long time and is completed on schedule.

Choose Detailed Painting Services for a trustworthy painting team that will always ensure your satisfaction with the job!

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At Detail Painting Services our painters are skilled and know what they are doing! We are not just painting and leaving, we also make sure that our customers happy at the end of the project and also happy. Hire professional painters to your project by choosing Detailed Painting Sevices.

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