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Who we are?

The painting business is a very popular occupation in every country around the world. Our grandparents were very skilled in the painting industry and they have shared their skills in Istanbul, Turkey. Then, founder of Detailed Painting Services, Tekin Aydin has been invited to the USA to share his skills at his friend’s painting company. Once Tekin has begun to meet with more people and became a well-known painter, he has decided to start his own painting business. His goal is to keep every customer satisfied to create good relationships for the future painting projects. That way, he could continue to share his skills with his customers and become a well-known trusted house painter in Lancaster area.

Why choose us?

We totally understand how it feels to hire a painting contractor to get your house painted and after a while later regretting hiring those painters who have cheated on the process. There are several ways that a painting contractor can cheat on the process to get it done quickly to make higher profits on the project. For example, the surface might require a primer process before applying the paint and the contractor you hired might skip that process to make more profit out of it. What happens next? You will check the project and it will look good to you in the first place because it is a freshly done painting project. But in the long run, the surface will start peeling off, bubbling, and other issues will appear in a short time.

We are looking to build endless relationships with our customers. We do not want you to hire any painter out there that you will regret within a few months. We want to deliver a top-notch painting project to our customers and make them as happy as possible with the project for years to come. We are proudly offering the most reliable painting services to Lancaster and its neighbors!

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